Don't Wait Around on Your Packages All Day

Turn to us for delivery services and same-day delivery in Dallas, TX

Package theft can make life difficult. If you avoid leaving the house when you're expecting a package, then you should turn to Wolf Pack Receiving for delivery services in Dallas, TX.

To make your life easier, you can have the package shipped to us, and we can provide same-day delivery within a one- or two-hour window depending on the plan you choose. If you won't be present for your scheduled delivery, then you must notify us 24 hours in advance to avoid a $15 redelivery fee.

Get packages in your own time frame

You have a busy schedule, and you don't need to let deliveries get in the way of that. Our delivery services are great if you're:

  • Out of the house all day
  • Going to be out of town when packages arrive
  • Concerned about package theft
Set up same-day delivery services now.



  • 1 Delivery
  • 2 Packages
  • 2 Hour delivery window

$20per delivery



Save money per delivery. Equals to $8.75 per delivery. More packages on each delivery. Less time waiting.

  • 3 Deliveries per month
  • Up to 7 packages per delivery
  • 1 Hour delivery window

$315Annual Payment
Cancel fee $50


First time customers

  • 1 delivery
  • 1 package
  • 2 hour delivery window

$10one time offer

Service Map

Service Map

If you require a delivery outside of our service area please give us a call. 888-821-9653.

Install and Setup

Do you have the energy, time, or tools to put something together? We'll assemble your stuff for you. There's a one-hour minimum, $15 per hour.